A Backyard Wedding

September 1, 2022

L & D’s backyard wedding was truly an intimate family affair. It wasn’t just about two people coming together; it was about two families merging into one, with love and laughter as the glue that held it all together. From the get-go, you could feel the love and unity that can only come from years of comfort, shared laughter, and inside jokes. It was like attending a giant family reunion, sprinkled with a side of “I do’s.”

What struck me most was the genuine happiness that radiated from this family. Sure, weddings are always amazing, but when they’re all about family, they take on a whole new level of special. It’s like love with a sprinkle of family magic. Their wedding tea ceremony was casual, playful and an important part of tradition. Showing off both of their parents’ wedding portraits was a sentimental touch and a reminder that L & D are carrying forward a legacy of love.

COVID-19 had changed L & D’s original wedding plans, but they turned it into their day surrounded by love. These two have an energy you cannot miss. I strived to document moments of romance in between their playful personalities. Their wedding was a reminder that love can be fun, spontaneous, and filled with laughter, and that being yourselves is the most beautiful way to celebrate the start of a lifelong journey together.