Feature: The Bride

May 16, 2023

Wedding portraits mean photographing a bride on her wedding day is a privilege and one of my favourite moments to shoot. It requires capturing every detail of the bride, from the stunning inner glow to the sparkle in the eyes.

It is important for me to build a rapport with the bride and make her feel comfortable in front of the camera. Some brides want more instructions, while some prefer to be captured in motion. Through open communication, I try to offer the bride what she needs. Whether that be space, time, direction, or a just a good laugh. Building trust and a relationship is key so that a bride can be her natural self. 

When it comes to portraits, it is a time to celebrate the bride’s personality and individuality. This means looking for good lighting, different angles, and natural poses that showcase the bride’s style and character. I use natural light as it is a photographer’s best friend. Soft, diffused light can create a flattering and ethereal effect, enhancing the bride’s features and adding a touch of romance to the images. Whenever possible, I use natural light sources like windows or outdoor settings to find the most flattering light for each shot.

I experiment with different poses and compositions to accentuate a bride’s best features and create visually striking images. It is important to consider the overall composition, using elements such as leading lines, symmetry, or framing to add depth and interest to the photographs.

Every bride is unique and that needs to be reflected in the images. Portraits often set the tone and creates moments to capture the emotions of the day. Displays of love, joy, excitement, nervousness all help to tell the story and create lasting memories of the special day. I embrace the responsibility of capturing a bride on her wedding day with passion, creativity, and a genuine love for the art of photography.

“Confidence is the best thing to wear to your wedding.”

Bride infront of mirror
Bride on her wedding day