Destination: Los Angeles Wedding Photography

May 28, 2023

Hands down, California has the most beautiful, warm light. Every time I take photos here, I am in awe. Cali might be better known for its beautiful weather, but it is truly a ‘golden state’ for light.  

Los Angeles offers an exciting range of unique locations to capture stunning photos. It is a city full of life, colour and energy. It also doesn’t hurt that it is along the most amazing coastline. 

When scouting for locations in L.A., I look for places that match the person’s style and energy. I like spots that give a variety of options for backgrounds and will make for stunning photographs. Since the city has so many iconic landmarks, the hardest part becomes choosing rather than finding. The Santa Monica Pier, LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Echo Park, Venice Beach, the Arts District and many more can be used as recognizable backdrops. 

For those that want it to be less apparent, there are also many hidden L.A. spots to discover. Natural scenery is all around from mountains, deserts, and beaches. Virtually any architectural style can be found there which can make for some spectacular visual settings. For those interested in street art, I also love experimenting with more raw forms of photography. One thing I will never say no to, is a good food truck or tacos.

The photos in this series were taken in Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. The varied backgrounds and architecture made it a magical place to photograph. The Pasadena City Hall in particular, gave a glamorous and effortless feel to the photos. To quote the L.A. Times, Los Angeles has a “Goldilocks light,” not too hot, not too cold. It is just right and and beautifully lit. Whether natural, artistic, glam, or edgy, Los Angeles has an inescapable feel. What’s your L.A. vibe?

Just here for the In-n-Out Burger