Feature: The Groom

October 27, 2022

Weddings are a celebration of love, and while the spotlight often shines on the bride, the groom needs his own time for attention as too. Bride and groom portraits create memories of two individuals coming together. As a photographer, capturing the essence of the groom is a fun challenge that allows me to document his unique style, emotions, and personality.

The first thing I do is build a rapport and establish trust. It will help the groom feel more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. I offer gentle guidance and suggestions for poses, but also encourage him to be himself. This connection will result in genuine expressions and authentic moments captured in the images

Photographing the groom’s character and confidence is a crucial aspect of his wedding day. I make sure the groom’s personality is reflected in the shots and take the time to capture the intricate details, photographing the close-ups of any personal accessories (e.g., cufflinks, tie, belt, shoes) that hold sentimental value. Additionally, I focus on a groom’s facial expressions as he gets ready, showcasing his anticipation and excitement as he prepares to say “I do.”

Utilizing different locations adds depth and variety to the photo collection and allows for a  more comprehensive visual story of the groom’s wedding day. I also pay attention to the relationships he shares with his family and friends; capturing intimate moments between the groom and his parents, siblings, or best friends. These images serve as precious reminders of the strong bonds and love that surround him on his special day.

Photographing a groom is an opportunity to celebrate his style, personality, and emotions as he embarks on a new chapter of his life. I encourage authenticity and emotion and try to create a remarkable collection of images that reflect the groom’s journey and preserve the memories of his wedding day.

Groom portrait
Groom and father
Groom portraits in a bar
Groom during reception
Groom in reception
Groom portrait grainy
Groom suit and cufflinks
Groom suit lining basketball
Groom portrait
Groomsmen portrait
Groomsmen portrait 007
Basketball marry me decor